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How we support families

Home-Start Teignbridge supported families are struggling with one or more issues such as; post-natal depression, isolation, physical health problems, bereavement.

The issues are not just limited to the above and supported families may be struggling with many other issues such as;

  • low-income budgeting
  • the stress of being a new parent
  • coping with the demands of young children
  • coping with multiple births

Children are more likely to have a positive and healthy future when raised in a stable, loving, family environment. A child’s early years have the most significant impact on their future. Home-Start Teignbridge works with the parents to make those years count so that no child’s future is limited.

Our experience has found that the best outcome for a family is achieved through an active partnership between all professionals supporting the family, by coordinating the support provided by Home-Start Teignbridge with that of other agencies. Our work helps prevent a family’s difficulties in becoming a crisis and early intervention by Home-Start Teignbridge reduces the pressures on statutory organisations.

We work closely with several local organisations, including midwives, health visitors and children’s centres. However, Home-Start Teignbridge is not a substitute for statuary services, but rather we compliment them.

Our volunteers have varied lives and are often parents themselves, so they sympathise with how hard it can be. Working alongside the parents, we help them learn to cope with the stresses and strains of life and make sure they have the skills to build their confidence and strength they need to nurture their children.

Home Support

Families referred to Home-Start Teignbridge matched to a home-visiting volunteer, and this provision forms our primary support channel. On a case by case basis, we assess the needs of the family to best match the family with a volunteer. The volunteer will spend, on average, two hours a week supporting the parent(s) in their own home in the ways they need and as necessary work closely with other agencies.

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Group Support

Some families may not need full support from the home-visiting volunteer, and we suggest that they attend our support group. Specialist volunteers run the group, and this provision forms our secondary support channel.

The support group that consists of bringing together parents and children in a safe and confidential space where they can support each other who may be going through similar issues. They can share their methods for coping with their issues, and they feel that they are not alone.

The support group consists of a variety of social activities and a safe place to signpost them in accessing local services and other support. We also invite the parents to events and day trips arranged by Home-Start Teignbridge.

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