The Play room

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Why not start your week here?

Everyone is given a warm welcome at the Playroom. Whether they are parents, grand-parents or carers. Their children can have lots of fun with their peers, and we offer drinks and snacks for all.

The group meets every Monday morning during term-time at St Mary’s Church Abbotsbury. There is linited free parking on site for your convenience.

Children are encouraged to play, socialise and create through a number of free activities – from building blocks, role-play kitchen, cars and babies, to making things out of play-dough and a different craft activity each week. In the final hour, small toys are put away to make space for ride-able cars, scooters, the seesaw and the tunnels. We then do a singing activity and often bring out the parachute to play with.

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The Group's aims

The earliest years make the biggest difference. Home-Start makes sure those years count, so that no child’s future is limited.

We provide a safe environment so your child can:

Our “Monday Group” can accommodate up to 15 families

Please book in advance to secure your place

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